Node.js, iOS and C++ developer

fluent in English and Spanish
2007 - 2012

Computer Science Degree (Madrid, Spain)

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Sep 2013 - Dec 2013

ESOL English course (Cambridge, UK)

Cambridge Regional College

languages JavaScript ES6 Objetive-C C C++ Qt SDK Bash
web development Node.js HTML5 CSS React Redux Webpack
data bases MySQL SQLite MongoDB
other SVN Git Design Patterns UML Scrum Docker
Jan 2015 - Now

Senior Developer at Armour Comms ( London, UK

After a successful exit of Cellcrypt the staff was transferred to a new start-up, Armour Communications, to implement a new identity based encryption algorithm (MIKEY-SAKKE) primarily targeting governments and military.

As part of my work at Armour Communications I was involved in the development of:

  • Various Node.js microservices offering RESTful APIs to perform different tasks
  • A Node.js and React / Redux frontend to manage those microservices
  • An iOS application to make secure voice and video calls and send encrypted messages:

  • A C++ library shared by different mobile clients implementing the business logic
JavaScript / ES6 Node.js Express React Redux Webpack HTML5 CSS MySQL iOS Objetive-C Xcode C++ Security / Cryptography Git Docker Microservices Scrum
Mar 2014 - Dec 2014

Senior Developer at Cellcrypt ( London, UK

Cellcrypt is a leading provider of encrypted voice calling and messaging on commercial off-the-shelf smartphones. As part of my work I participated in the development of:

iOS Objetive-C Xcode C++ Qt Security / Cryptography Git Scrum
Oct 2011 - July 2013

Analyst Programmer at Prot-On ( Madrid, Spain

Prot-On is a start-up that offers an IRM solution that allows users to protect their documents and to decide and track, who can access them and when. For my work at Prot-On I developed some applications from scratch:

  • A universal iOS application to protect, view and share your documents:

  • An Objective-C (macOS) Finder plugin that allows the use of Prot-On directly from the file manager
  • A Qt & C++ desktop application to view and protect MS Office documents, images, PDF documents and plain text documents
  • A C++ VLC plugin to play protected multimedia files, video & audio
  • A C library to encrypt MS Office documents using the MS-OFFCRYPTO (Office Document Cryptography Structure) file format

All the software is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android for free at

iOS Objetive-C Xcode C++ Qt Security / Cryptography SVN Scrum
Jan 2015

Developer at Quiet Circle

Developer of the Android application for a new start-up seeking for investors.

Android Java
Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

Developer at Prot-On (

As a freelance I continued working in the same projects I used to work at Prot-On.

iOS Objetive-C C++ Qt
free software

I enjoy software development and in my spare time I collaborate with a lot of free software projects and I'm also the author of some of them:


Multitouch gesture recognizer for GNU/Linux that allows associating actions to each gesture


Ubuntu One Files cross-platform C++/QML mobile application

Fling! Solver

Android native application to solve Fling! levels

U1 Finder Plugin

An Objetive-C Finder plugin to add integration with Ubuntu One in macOS

More projects can be found on my GitHub profile