Node.js, iOS and C++ developer

fluent in English and Spanish
2007 - 2012

Computer Science Degree (Madrid, Spain)

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Sep 2013 - Dec 2013

ESOL English course (Cambridge, UK)

Cambridge Regional College

languages JavaScript ES6 Objetive-C C C++ Qt SDK Bash
web development Node.js HTML5 CSS React Redux Webpack
data bases MySQL SQLite MongoDB
other SVN Git Design Patterns UML Scrum Docker
Jan 2015 - Now

Senior Developer at Armour Comms ( London, UK

After a successful exit of Cellcrypt the staff was transfer to a new start-up, Armour Communications, to implement a new identity based encryption algorithm (MIKEY-SAKKE) primarily targeting UK government and military.

As part of my work at Armour Communications I was involved in the development of the iOS application ( and the creation of different microservices using Node.js as well as the creation of a React based frontend to manage those microservices.

Mar 2014 - Dec 2014

Senior Developer at Cellcrypt ( London, UK

Cellcrypt is a leading provider of encrypted voice calling and messaging on commercial off-the-shelf smartphones. I participated in the development of an iOS ( and a BB10 ( applications as part of my job for Cellcrypt.

Also, as a collaboration between Cellcrypt and Verizon, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world, I worked in the branding of the iOS ( and BB10 ( applications, targeting federal users having SBU (Sensitive But Unclassified) conversations in the USA.

Oct 2011 - July 2013

Analyst Programmer at Prot-On ( Madrid, Spain

Prot-On is a start-up that offers an IRM solution that allows users to protect their documents and to decide and track, who can access them and when. For my work at Prot-On I have developed some applications from scratch:

  • A universal iOS application to protect, view and share your documents:

  • An Objetive-C macOS Finder plugin that allows the use of Prot-On directly from the file manager
  • A Qt & C++ desktop application to view and protect MS Office documents, images, PDF documents and plain text documents
  • A C++ VLC plugin to play protected multimedia files, video & audio
  • A C library to encrypt MS Office documents using the MS-OFFCRYPTO (Office Document Cryptography Structure) file format

All the software is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android for free at

Jan 2015

Developer at Quiet Circle

Developer of the Android application for a new start-up seeking for investors.

Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

Developer at Prot-On (

As a freelance I continued working in the same projects I used to work at Prot-On.

free software

I enjoy software development and in my spare time I collaborate with a lot of free software projects and I'm also the author of some of them:


Multitouch gesture recognizer for GNU/Linux that allows associating actions to each gesture


Ubuntu One Files cross-platform C++/QML mobile application

Fling! Solver

Android native application to solve Fling! levels

U1 Finder Plugin

An Objetive-C Finder plugin to add integration with Ubuntu One in macOS

More projects can be found on my GitHub profile